Why you should migrate to Magento 2 this year?

Magento 2 provides enhanced performance and better user experience in the comparison to its previous version. In terms of performance and page load time, Magento is the winner in fast processing user requests and page load time. With Magento 2.0 the customer experience is enhanced with custom checkouts and improvised interface. The streamlined check out process makes it easy and fast for the customer to go from cart to checkout.

The improved admin panel makes it easy for the site administrator to sort out products with different product capabilities. The multi-lingual and currency features drive visitors from targeted regions directly to your store. Additionally, the reporting and analytics have the inbuilt support of Google Analytics that can help in tracking the performance of their eCommerce store.

Magento proves to highly efficient while handling all such critical information. Here are the cool benefits that will surely make all eCommerce managers day!

• Magento Support
• User friendly Magento 2 CMS UX
• Simplified CSV Product Import
• Better Checkout & scalability
• Product attribute swatches
• Better Magento Module Store
• Catalog scalability and handling

Generally, when you visit any eCommerce store built on Magento Platform, the product catalog is displayed in the following way. The category section is at the top at the page where product is categorized in levels depending in the product. For example, clothing sectionmen clothingshirtformal, casual, long-sleeves and so on. Magento offers category attribute as feature to describe the product. For example: name, title and description & keywords, image & thumbnails, and so on.

The middle section contains different product types say simple where the attribute of the product usually doesn’t matter. You will see another type of product where product attributes matter like in clothing. Yet another type of product category is the group product. Like cold drinks and its vending machine. Similarly, it gets complex as more and more products get added.

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