eCommerce latest technology trends to apply in you web store

Online retailer and merchant always aspire to have a smooth functioning web store. Therefore to further ease the workflow new technologies are always implemented. Technology not only offers the easy way for the customer to shop but also opens up new channels to interact with customers. This fact is including the content management system you use for development like Magento, WooComerce or using a customized framework like CodeIgniter or Laravel.

Using similar and more advanced technologies eCommerce industry is witness eye-blinking changes. Here are some of the tools and ideas that are changing the way online retailers do business.

1. Mobile shopping

There is an increase in mobile shoppers. Everyone who aspires to buy a product reads online reviews, browse for the latest products and get updates of latest deals and offers. For the online retailer, Magento offers an app version of your web store. That means no need for creating a separate app and separate website.

2. Voice Search

Voice recognition based devices and applications in happening like never before. Mostly younger generations are using Siri, Alaska, Alexa, and other voice recognition based gadgets. The uses of voice search are to start phone calls, to search something, to set alarms, to play music, get directions while driving and for accessing other basic functionalities.

3. Augmented Reality

The usage of augmented reality is intuitive and understanding. The augmented reality technology grants customers who typically shop online the chance to view the product in form of a model they can interact with in the same manner they would if they were visiting a physical store. With AR, customers can now experience this virtually from the comfort of their homes.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain and crypto-currencies have much to offer the world of conventional e-commerce. Blockchain in the coming future will transform the way payments are made, supply chain management, data security, and transparent marketplaces.

5. AI-powered personalization

For more personalized shopping experiences artificial intelligence will have a more radical transformative effect on the marketing industry than social media.

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