Magento Payment: Latest update in Magento is right here

The latest announcement of Magento payment in Magento is good news among online community of users. We bring you the latest update-Magento Payment right here at Magento store development.

There is drastically change in the payment industry with the different international payment options and much tighter security algorithm. This is the music to the ears of consumer who are worried while making any digital transactions. Magento payment offers consumers the great choice and secure payment option right from the house of Magento. That was for the customer end, lets us see what Magento payment has in store for merchants.

Normal payment process has become quite complex from merchants end. The higher security support, multiple service providers for monitoring various transactions including merchants’ banks and the consumer bank creates the transaction flow more complex.

As the global eCommerce sales are increasing day by day, the advantage of Magneto payment can likely double it in the coming years. Magneto payment is designed to address the challenges of both merchants and customer around the world. All the complexities are reduced as Magneto payment helps in improving the operations of running an online business.

Improved conversion

As per the survey, online retailers offer more than three online payment options. Magneto Payments leverages the industry-leading technology of Braintree and PayPal to enable merchants to accept a wide variety of payment methods, including local and region-specific, to help increase conversions and remove the barriers to completing an online sale.

All this is integrated into Magneto Commerce that streamlines the payment and risk management process directly from Magneto admin panel. Also, there is no third party integration. Local and regional payment expertise with no subscription cost.

Cash flow management

The payments and order detail within the Magneto Admin is synchronized with the cash flow manager in Magneto payment. This provides full transparency on processed volumes, payment balance, and reporting on transaction level details for financial reconciliation. Magneto payment eliminates manual data mapping between systems and the potential errors that come with it.

Fraud Guarantee

Magneto payment you get security and convenience in online shopping. The risk management capabilities in Magneto payment backed by fraud leading guarantee shifts liability away from merchants. Magento Payments handles fraudulent chargebacks and dispute management. It also provides full transparency and financial reporting.

Easy Onboarding

Magento Payments is easy to set up and configure so you can start taking payments in just a few clicks hours. This reduces operational complexity and improves customer satisfaction

So all things are said and explained. You might be eager to get this cool feature on your Magneto website. But there is a little wait as Magneto payment will be available in 2018 through the self sign-in process. To know more visit

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