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Magento is the proven platform for the web store. This is a stable platform with a wide scope for customization and great usability. With Magento store service you get to turn your Magento eCommerce store into an m-commerce app.

Why choose Magento store for Magento application development?

You get the benefits of mobile marketing features with a high rate of success such as push notifications, geo-fencing, data analytics to understand the consumer behavior.

Payment Gateway

Your shopping app will come embedded with the payment gateways offered by Magento 2. You can tell us if need more payment gateways.

Product Catalogue       

We have integrated product catalog functionality that enables you to operate and manage your products in your shopping app.

User Account

You can optimize the functionalities to manage user accounts in an effective manner. This helps in building the satisfying relationship with the customer.

Seamless Integration

We offer a plug-in that integrates Magento store with your shopping app, such that the changes on a website are reflected onto your Magento shopping app.

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Magento Store is the retail marketplace for Magento solutions for your business. We assist you in establishing brand for your eCommerce Magento store.

We’ve created a purpose built platform with specific features that will help you to manage your online-to-offline business all in one place with seamless integration.

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