Omnichannel eCommerce business using Magento platform

Before going to OmniChannel, let us first get us known about the term multichannel. The multichannel sales entail engaging multiple media for selling merchandise to the end-users. For example, a company can sell its products through physical stores, telephone, email, catalogs, own website, e-commerce sites and comparison shopping sites.

Now the question arises, what is Omni-channel?

In Latin, the word “Omni” means all, so in Omnichannel there is the integration of between distribution, promotion and communication channels at the back end. Multichannel does not focus on connectivity while Omnichannel put integration as a top priority.  So Omnichannel means where all channels unify into mutual one providing a seamless shopping experience for the customers through all available shopping channels.

The arrival of Omnichannel helps retailers to expand business and diversify their products even if they don’t have physical stores. The marketing approach also catches up the newest trends in the marketplace.

Why Magento for Omnichannel?

Many people spend time online and live the virtual life. The involvement of Magento for Omnichannel has the future perspective regarding “Internet of Things”.

In business, whether bricks and mortar store or eCommerce, the seller and retailers appreciate seamless shopping experience which is brought to their customers by Omnichannel. To set up a flourished shopping experience, Magento is one such best platform option.

Increase in-store experience both loyalty and sales

Magento gives you robust option where your customer can search product and pick a suitable delivery option similar to the physical store. With Omnichannel, you can easily influence each of buying touch points for improving your store conversion rate.

Provide Omni-channel fulfillment

Shoppers can choose between options among drop ship, buying online-pick up in store, partial shipment, ship from store and they can ship with other traditional methods. Magento makes the process easier making easier delivery through multiple devices, online selling channels, etc in Omnichannel shopping journey.

Make the most of social media

As many prospective customers use social media accounts to log into various selling sites, Magento is one of the best platforms for integrating different forms of social media into a single stream. The platform lets you control the stream along with most of the data that it generates.

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