Magento Oracle ERP Integration

For Omni channel retailers, order management needs to be consistent throughout the channels. To make this happen, a smooth synchronization between the Oracle ERP and the Magento store front is essential, so that a product which is available in Oracle ERP should reflect in the store.

If you are facing challenge of integrating the data between an Oracle ERP system and the Magento store front, then you have come to the right place!

All you need to run your online store and connect it with your business application-Oracle ERP and Magento Integration Service

We remove the hurdle that every retail business faces- synchronization of seamless data exchange between the store front and the Oracle ERP. In order to make defect free integration, we posses a solid understanding of the Oracle ERP architectures and the Magento data set.

Improve business process through Magento and Oracle ERP Integration

With Oracle ERP’s cloud solution, organizations are able to benefit from cloud technology to gain faster time to value and enhancing scalability and growth. Businesses are able to implement new functionality at a faster and more reliable rate compared to conventional on premise implementations.

Oracle ERP benefits businesses by making reporting manageable and more customizable. With enhanced reporting functionality, companies can quickly acknowledge data requests without depending on an IT specialist or department.

Integrating your Magento and Oracle system drastically increases efficiency-inventory, orders, customer data, and shipping details are all synced between key business systems.

While Magento can operate without a connected Oracle or any other ERP, tedious tasks like uploading product details or manually typing shipping addresses or tracking codes are prone to human error. Simply put, your customer experience is at stake when you don’t integrate.

Benefits of Magento and Oracle ERP Integration

  • Collaborative environment across the different departments of the organization
  • Monitor on the inventory levels and track supply chain systems in one go
  • Keep tabs on the e-commerce division with respect to revenue and expenditure
  • Take informed decision with help of integrated analytics

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