What are ecommerce biggest fears? And how to reduce them for your online store?

In our all posts you have seen the benefits of owning an eCommerce web store. In this blog post, we are going with the perspective of customers and the biggest fears they have regarding online shopping.

As more and more companies are building online stores, they expect more and more customers to visit and in the future purchase from them. But do you among all the web store on the internet fails to build customer trust. This is the major drawback for all eCommerce stores. Here customer relationship matters a lot.

It is wisely said by someone that money comes next, but first, you need to earn the trust of your customers in your brand.

Another factor is that consumers feel that online shopping is riskier that shopping in a physical store. That is true, because, the consumer is investing money and demands a safe and secure transaction process. This aspect can be reduced as you start investing in good and secure eCommerce payment gateways.

All these findings are from various businesses and their customer’s perspective while shopping online.

But, have you thought that by removing the fear from shopper’s mind can completely transform their opinion. You have, haven’t you? So did us! Here are some of the ways.

1. Nearly 95% of online shoppers are afraid that their financial information might be stolen. For this, you can add easily identifiable security badge on your website. Make sure that you are displaying only the logos that your customers are familiar with. 

2. Your website must always open in https. The “s” after HTTP denotes that the website is secure to browse without the worry of any malicious activity.

3. Always add a line or two about the steps you have taken to secure the website. You can write about safe transactions with the proof that you actually have!

4. Customer builds trust in brands if other people have used and shared their experience on the site. Hence, give this as an option to your customers to review your product and provide their feedback.

5. The last important fact is about media coverage. Just like a third-party endorsement can boost your sale. This is one of the ways for building PR of your website.

6. And the golden secret that is tested by big eCommerce giants is giving multiple payment options. Mainly cash on delivery or collect facility satisfies any doubt and is surely foolproof among skeptics.

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