Step By Step Guide To Optimize Your Mobile App On Google Play Store

There are more than four million apps on Google Play Store which means that you have to be strategic if you want to optimize your mobile app. So, here is our step by step guide to optimizing your mobile app on the Google play store:


Use relevant keywords: You need to research the right keywords for your audience. Your ranking will be penalized if you use keywords that are unrelated to your app. You should not use keywords that are related to your competitors’ brand names.

Optimize your title and description: You should write a title not more than 25 words so that the entire title is visible on the app screen. Your title should be informative and memorable.

Include compelling icons and screenshots: You will get an edge in the app marketplace when you compel visuals. Try to choose an app icon that is memorable and easy to recognize. Add as many screenshots as the marketplace will allow you to add.

Add video: Your downloads will be increased by 35% if you add a video on your app page. So, you should upload a video that will show the most valuable features of your app.

Research your competition: You should always consider the number of competitors and apps that have been updated before adding your app to the marketplace. Now, after adding your app, you should track all the activities of your competitors to remain in the competition.

Build backlinks: Your app should be actively linked on websites and should have the authority according to the algorithm standards to build the best backlinks. It can be in text form or image form.

Drive traffic to your app store page: You will get heavy traffic directly to your app store pages if you have a website that is SEO optimized. It will also help you to rank on Google. Paid app advertising can also be used to drive traffic to your app.

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