Seven Tips That Addresses the Needs of an Evolving Mid-Sized Magento Store

There is something unique about Magento, the E-Commerce platform, which is compatible with small, mid-sized and even large businesses. Its stability and scalability of the platform can be safely counted for building a successful online presence. Moreover, you have a cross range of varied features that could be advantageous in order to give the store an appealing interface that also ensures excellence in the user experience it delivers. Other extensions and themes also offer a grand appeal to the store.

Magento E-Commerce development may appear to be an ideal choice from all aspects; but for an evolving business, you may like to know more about its fitness for your type of business. Especially, mid-sized businesses may have an element of apprehension, if they have future plans to grow. Even with higher traffic volumes, facilitating backend functions like order management etc., the challenges may sometimes vary from handling a larger product portfolio to ensuring optimal performance. If these challenges are acceptable as a young but evolving business, you will be glad to know that Magento is capable of addressing any challenge!

The following tips to address the needs of your growing mid-sized store may find favor with you:

Investing in Dependable Hosting Solution

If you have plans to expand your business in the near future, you will need to review and reassess your hosting plan as the volume of business, read traffic, will tend to grow. If there is the capability of the store to grow by leaps and bounds soon, shared hosting may be inadequate. Therefore, the best move would be to go for a dedicated hosting plan that too from a trusted provider who is also ready to offer modern servers to guarantee great performance even during heavy traffic in order to offer a seamless experience to the user during your growing stage.

Go for Conversion-Optimized Theme

It is indeed a brilliant idea initially to run your Magento store on a conversion-optimized theme. The conversion-optimized theme is designed to enhance the search results or even drive higher traffic volumes. Moreover, your conversion rate for your website also gets enhanced. Additionally, investing in an optimized Magento theme, which will be responsive by default will translate into higher mobile traffic.

Keep a Watch to Caching

If you have plans to grow in the near future, you will be required to pay extra attention to the feature of caching. Nevertheless, Magento has built-in caching capabilities. Caching, in general, improves the performance of the store significantly and also enhances user experience. A third-party caching extension wills an ideal investment for your mid-sized store. You can even check out the availability with the platform.

Merge and minify CSS and JS

Ideally, for the mid-sized Magento stores that have great growth opportunities, is to merge and minify their CSS and JavaScript. This will not only make the store more lightweight but also minimize the total number of HTTPS. This will create a positive influence on the store’s speed if your store runs on Magento 2. The changes can be done in your Magento dashboard….no great shakes!

Optimize the images on the store

Create an impact and take over the market with a bigger than life and better online presence by having high-quality representations on your website. The images can catch the eye of the buyer and influence their purchase decision. You have to ensure that the images are optimized since well-optimized images look better and represent the performance of the store by delivering good user experience, this exercise is beyond the image quality.

De-clutter your database

Image optimization is one aspect; clearing up your database is the next critical and essential element of Magento store optimization. Naturally, there will be a parallel increase in your store’s database as your business grows in size. You should make it an obligation to manually purge these logs as it can slow down the store’s performance. Schedule and maintain the site’s performance even if traffic and database grow.

Flat Catalog For Database Management

Go to the next level by taking the feature of database management ahead and enable flat catalog on the store. This will expand the size of the database even without affecting the performance. Flat catalog merges the complete product-related information into a single comprehensive table instead of grouping it into a bunch of data tables. This improves the ability to search and the information can be quickly discovered in order to convert into better performance.


The aim and objective of any business are to grow. You would definitely want your mid-sized store to expand, rather gradually. It is, however, critical to know what goes into aligning yourself for growth by taking the right steps. Following the above simple tips, you will triumph in achieving your objective. The right approach would be to hire skilled and experienced Magento developers/designers to handle the scalability needs of a growing E-Commerce business.

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