Seven Best Practices of E-Commerce Page

Generally, E-Commerce pages are passed over, if not disregarded completely by companies that focus on higher targets on the search engine result pages.  By the way, SEO is fairly important for these pages.  A properly managed queue of optimized product pages can be beneficial and enhance your E-Commerce SEO.

1. SEO Building Blocks & Product Pages

Essentially, the product page title, URL, Meta description and H1 not only has to be exceptionally distinctive but also descriptive of the product that uses key terms that have to reckon with search volume.

If you have an E-Commerce site that specializes in specialty meats and having discovered that you have a small portion of the money-spinning and ready-made market. Researching on some keywords on your market, you find that your so-called ‘ready-made’ product is a much more highly searched in general term of the product according to the Adwords Keyword Tool. Therefore, you start optimizing your page for ‘ready-made’ product specifically. It should be noted that all of your page building blocks should have reference exactly about the product that you are selling to your consumer, that too in a unique way.

2. Product Descriptions

In the SEO subject, the product description is a neglected topic. Nevertheless, it is considered to be one of the most key elements in optimizing your product pages for ranking it independently and help your overall site rank for some of the related products that you are offering.

However, we would advocate for the creation of a 250-300 downright unique product description. Beware not to include a description from the manufacturer even from any other website that is selling a similar product; it could be a coincidence. Besides, it should highlight the high points of the product like size, color, texture, dimensions viz; weight, height, length, etc. This is in addition to any other important descriptive features that can be applied for ease in search.

A simple and easy way to think about what to include in your product description is to imagine describing to a blindfolded person; the product is new to him! What is the utility? Who is the maker/creator/developer?  What is so special about this product that similar products do not offer?

In case your product library is vast and that you cannot write unique content, you could then think of preventing the search engines from crawling the rest of your other product pages. But this is not the right procedure/way to go about if you are keen on a specific product to rank on top.

3. Product Photos and Videos

This may sound foolish, but, as far as possible it is important to have unique, clear, high-quality resolution HD images that give a flawless and descriptive illustration of your product. Besides, it offers a variety of perspectives and color options. Here again, as far as possible optimize your image title and alt tag with key terms that reflect your keyword research.

Moreover, many reflect it to be a good idea to add a small watermark to the product image, in the event, if the image were to be shared via social media or downloaded and saved, there would be a likely hood of reference back to your brand or website owing to the popularity of the product.

You can even, provide a video of your product. You can embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo, or even host one on your site. Having uploaded all your images and videos, reference them with image and video sitemaps for ease in locating.

4. Product Microdata

To stand out in the search engines get your products indexed; this really works well. What more, adding schema markup that shares on-site review ratings, prices, product titles and product images also increases click-through rates as users can locate more information about your product directly through search, easily. This process can raise the relevancy and importance of your pages thereby leading to a greater overall experience for all parties concerned.

5. Social Share Buttons

Make it highly conspicuous to prominently display the social share buttons on your E-Commerce site. This idea can allow your site users to share your products with others. They could mail it to themselves/others and flag that specific product for attending to it for a future date. Point to be remembered, do not underestimate the power of social signals, they are powerful supporters in the right sense to what people want; harnessing the power of search, want to deliver to the right people and at the right time.

6. Product Reviews

Normally, reviews jell well into product micro-data so that they can be viewed alongside your listing in organic search. They can help to augment your on-page content and are also a great conversion factor. Excellent and different reviews can also help build your product and brand trust, thereby leading visitors to return to your site and consequently increase your site relevance.

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