Magento Introduces Mobile Optimization Initiative For Merchants

Many online retailers are facing with one problem that is converting sales on mobile devices. As mobile devices are gaining much more share in the market, there is a change in consumer buying pattern. You will find the shift of sales redirected towards mobile commerce. Hence if you are an online retailer or you are planning to build your store, you must also consider keeping mobile commerce in mind.

While you are building your web store, the important thing you need is the CMS platform which is scalable and grows with you. To help tackle the mCommerce gap, Magento has integrated mobile functionalities. The Mobile optimization initiative by Magento community is aimed at integrating millions of data points from merchants worldwide.

Why Magento for Mobile?
Mobile friendly checkout

As the mobile traffic of the website grows, the mobile conversion rate remains low. In Magento, you get a streamlined checkout process Instant Purchase and seamless integrations with payment gateways like PayPal and Braintree. With mobile optimized check-out flow, Magento helps in improving the conversion rate.

Responsive themes

In Magento, you get built-in responsive themes that help in creating an optimized website for any device. These templates help in delivering exceptional user experience in any form and on any device.

Progressive web application

With progressive web applications, you get to deliver the utility of mobile application that is combined with searchability and buying experience. With this technology, you get to create reliable, fast and engaging mobile experiences to boost conversion rates and increase engagement.

Mobile optimization initiative

The mobile optimization initiative offers retailers a complimentary mobile checkout funnel assessment, optimized campaign design and implementation, and professional services during the active program.

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