Magento Commerce to Magento Open Source- which is correct for your business?

Choosing between Magento open source vs Magento commerce is one of the crucial decisions to make. The main difference between these is that one is an open-source edition while the other is a premium edition.

A paid version includes hosting and support, but an open-source platform does not and you will be responsible for finding hosting and ensuring regular maintenance.

Magento Commerce Version

To begin with, this edition includes a number of business intelligence tools, such as customer segmentation. Hosting services that make your project worldwide accessible and simple features with technical assistance.

 Who requires Magento eCommerce?

Except for the pricing, there is not much of a difference between the Magento Community Edition and the Enterprise version for the majority of online store owners. While cost is an important concern, it is also necessary to consider the enterprise’s value for the project rather than just the cost.

Enterprise edition may help to avoid security and scalability issues that may arise in larger organizations. As a consequence, many well-known brands around the world opt for the enterprise edition. Burger King, Canon Australia, and Old Glory are just a few examples of companies.

As all of these businesses have several operations, they must ensure that the online store runs properly while handling millions of product variations and thousands of orders at the same time.

Magento Open Source Version

You will not incur any further charges in order to pay for the platform. However, you will be responsible for paying for the hosting as well as investing in proper maintenance. Many well-known brands first started using the Magento community edition and then they moved to Magento commerce.

Even if you begin with the Community edition of Magento, there is always the possibility that will need to upgrade to the enterprise version in the future.

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