Integration of ERP Software in Magento eStore

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is progressively turning into a transitional experience in an organization’s development as private ventures and mid-advertise players alike search for approaches to improve the coordination of information between various business forms.

Many Magento clients utilize some type of enterprise resource planning to help control their organizations. For the uninitiated, ERP is business the board programming that comes as incorporated applications to enable you to deal with all parts of your business, including product arranging and advancement, assembling, sales, and advertising.

Magento application programming interface (API) is entirely adaptable and integrates with a wide of ERP packages—including customs arrangements.

When it comes to greater eCommerce ventures, online stores and ERP integration becomes a big nightmare. You have to deal with inventories, timely delivery and shipping terms, communicate with numerous suppliers, evaluate performance efficiency and do product planning.

So, how to choose an ERP for your company?

Though you do not need to consider all factors, some of them are necessary while selecting the ERP software. The size of your company, operation fulfillment, current accounting system and reason for switching to the new one, ERP features you want to use and integrate them in Magento.

Another thing to consider is to identify what should be integrated with your ERP software. Data pertaining to orders, product information, inventory, and similar matters are a common point to consider in ERP software. You also got to ensure that the information gets back to the site.

The best ERP solution for Magento

Microsoft Dynamics AX

The software is a good choice for multi-site, international organizations. Being one of the best Magento ERP systems it provides you with a number of quite useful eCommerce features.


For a small and mid-sized online business, the Magento ERP solution suits perfectly to manage B2C & B2B eCommerce projects.


Being popular all over the globe, this ERP serves in more than 100+ countries. Online merchants across a broad range of industries are reaping the benefits of integrating NetSuite with Magento to grow their business.


ERP systems integration with Magento offers organizations an opportunity to drive efficiency gains. Simply put, ERP enables you to oversee your eCommerce organization routine and enhances the entire business performance and productivity.

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