Integrating Google Analytics with Magento 2

Google Analytics provides you with useful information about your website and actual statistics. This will reveal to you the number of individuals visiting your website, the number of customers buying your product, where they came from, and how long they are on the website, along with many other things. You can trace each visit activity on the website, which is beneficial to your marketing methods. There are quite a number of advantages to using Google Analytics for business marketing.

Representation of Data

 Data visualization is a method of presenting information in the form of checklists, pie charts, worksheets, graphs, etc. It creates your statistics so appealing that one can observe how efficiently your website is functioning and where one may perform their business objectives.

 The Intended Audience

Google Analytics is beneficial to your business since it provides you with information about the individuals that viewed your website. It assists you in collecting quantitative data such as age, gender, country, etc. It also enables you to obtain information about the visitor’s tastes.

Pages On Website

Google Analytics will notify you which pages are among the most visited and which pages connect to further pages. To enhance the user interaction on a website, this indicates which information is more useful to users. Even if you are not a technologically advanced person, it is simple to use.


You can take results from your reporting. You will be able to gain more valuable information and find reasons and connections with the platform’s reporting features.

Channel On The Website

Google Analytics can assist you to determine which channels such as social media or email newsletters are bringing people to your website. You can discover which initiatives are more successful by looking at the data. You can look at which social media channels have a lot of traffic and invest your resources there.

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