Improving E-Commerce User Experience

It is high time that Giant E-Commerce companies should start focusing on improving the end-user experience on mobile devices; as everybody owns mobile phones now. Therefore offering a strong technology infrastructure via cutting-edge mobile applications has become essential. Additionally, some of the online E-Commerce giants have begun work in the right earnest.

E-Commerce transactions through mobile comprise of over 38% globally and this figure is steadily growing.  It may even reach over 50% in the years to come. Moreover 87% of consumers today prefer a mobile application to a mobile website thereby indicating that there are big opportunities here. However, the biggest challenge any E-Commerce business faces is competition, what else? But this does not deter their enthusiasm; they are ready to encounter the challenge with a stunning and interactive app that not only engages the buyers but also retains them at every level.

Based on the above approach, some of these essential features can be part of an E-Commerce mobile app to give it a competitive edge and deliver excellent user experience per se.

Promote Customization

One of the key challenges for any E-Commerce business is to provide an excellent user experience within the mobile app. It is a major task nevertheless when a user downloads a shopping app, he would expect an experience having seamless navigation, personalization, and effortlessly easy operation. Thus, it is important to make the user experience as engaging and interactive as possible with an app that would also include key customizable features that align with user needs and preferences, thereby building a strong long-lasting relationship.

Make Simple On-boarding

Certainly, the mobile app is one of the most critical components to get the users on-board in smoothly. Make it cool and hassle-free; in short, a breeze with minimalistic design, awareness about the product and the company added with personalization. Mind you, your app should appeal with its charm and welcome your users with a philosophy of what your brand is all about. This should be followed by presenting a range of easy interactive features. Remember to keep the designs really simple and neat keeping in mind your users’ taste. Make it easy and streamlined right from registering, signing up to the checkout and online payment.

Simple & Organized Navigation

One of the key elements to contemplate while building an E-Commerce mobile app is its content and screen size considering the limited space of mobile display screens. Therefore ensure that your app and its contents do not appear crowded on the device.  Therefore, designing a simple and uncluttered layout is very important.  The app should deliver seamless navigation besides displaying your brand or products in the most impressive manner. In fact, responsive design is the best solution, which automatically fits into any screen size and resolutions, besides giving a great customer experience.

Make Registration Simple & Instant Information at the click

Filing forms to furnish information is a cumbersome task for almost all consumers.  None of them like to fill out long registration forms or even social login to sign up. There are many apps that ask a lot of information upfront to get you registered or a forced sign up/login. In general, people rarely like such apps. Considering these shortcomings of likes and dislikes of consumers, Amazon, the E-Commerce giant, has kept the app simple, right from sign up to checkout. The consumers will enjoy the journey as the mobile app directly takes users to the main page even without the need to register until checkout. Moreover, they also offer simple registration – sign up with your mobile number or your-Mail ID. There is more to it; during checkout, there is this option to save user information for future use. This is considered to be an important feature to keep your users to stay connected and get them through the checkout process. This concept will go a long way in maintaining a relationship with your consumers.

Analytics & Evaluation

The principal objective of an E-Commerce mobile app is to generate revenue, besides delivering the superior user experience. So, analytics is one of the significant features that your app should ensure. Appreciating consumer behavior and buying the pattern on your app is of paramount importance. Session time, cost of conversion, click-through rate and accessing custom fields; all provide information about consumer behavior, which leads to higher revenue streams for future use.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications encourages and prompts immediate action.  Popular and successful E-Commerce mobile apps have incorporated this into their list of features. Thus, time-sensitive marketing content like exclusive promotions, special offers, and new product launches are very popular with this feature. You can even pair up this feature with analytics to see a significant boost in sales in a very short period.

Authoritative and Relevant App Content

It is always better to have a crisp and succinct content for better result. Sometimes fewer and less content is good. You will agree that a seller seldom wins a consumer with pushy marketing content. Hence, it is decisive sometimes to show that you can be trusted by your consumers even without excess information on an app. Customers’preference is for relevant and important information that is convincing yet authoritative.  To provide suitable correct content in order to keep the USP intact.

In Conclusion

It would be pertinent for an E-Commerce mobile app to aim to evoke admiration and have an awe-inspiring experience in order to make online shopping a simple and seamless process. Simultaneously, it should have features that drive sales and boost revenues for your business at the end of the day.

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