Everything You Need To Know About Magento Commerce!

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform used by many businesses to sell their products online. It is suitable for all types of businesses. Magento offers everything that a business requires to sell its product. The paid version of Magento is known as Magento Commerce. There are numerous features in this paid version.

Some of them are listed below:

Order Management :In selling products online, order management is the most crucial part of any business. With the help of this feature, the cost is reduced as orders and inventory are managed in one place. It will efficiently manage all the refunds and handle returns. Customer experience improved by this as it will not show out-of-stock items.

Shop speed and performance Performance and page load time is an essential element for better customer experience. With Magento Commerce, these can be achieved at very ease. It is one of the quickest platforms. To enhance frontend speed, there is a module in Magento that is MagePack. To support stable performance during high traffic it also offers horizontal autoscaling.

Magento Payment and shopping cart options

Magento supports popular payment options: Bank transfer, Paypal, authorize.net, Google checkout, Amazon payment, and so on. Multiple payment options will provide customers a good user experience. And a good experience will result in customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Magento Chat

Live chat options can be seen on every website today. As it is very convenient for customers to get their query solved in just seconds. Magento provides this feature as it will help find potential customers.
Magento customer relationship management (CRM)
This exciting feature of Magento stores every interaction with the customer in Magento CRM. It is part of the admin panel and helps businesses to create the right content according to the customer requirements.
Get started with Magento commerce after getting knowledge of its amazing features!

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