Everything About Magento Security Scan Tool!

E-commerce sites are very prone to malware attacks and malicious activities and in order to protect them from these activities, good security must be needed.
Magento provides a security scan tool to secure websites. It is a new service that is offered by Adobe to Magento Commerce users. Businesses can use this amazing tool to keep track of security risks and to protect sites from unauthorized access.

All these amazing benefits that is too free of cost for Magento users!

Magento security scan tool Compatibility
This powerful tool is compatible with all versions of Magento Commerce, Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento open-source, and Magento Community Edition.

Magento Security Tool features
It comes with super exciting features that will keep your site away from data skimming and data breaches. Some of them are- real-time insights into your Magento store security status, best suggestions to resolve issues, over 17,000 security tests, reports of security that will monitor your progress, scan report that will show successful and failed checks, and all these amazing features can be accessed easily.

Increases your storefront’s security
By using this security scan tool, you can increase your storefront’s security and protect it from data skimming and breaches that will cost you and your customers a lot of time and money.

It helps in monitoring your system from all angles and identifies things like out-of-date software, security misconfigurations, digital skimming injections, potential malware and vulnerabilities on the web store, potentially vulnerable extensions, out-of-date security patches, scheduling on-demand or recurring scans according to the preference, suggesting fixes for any failed security test.
Magento security scan tool is very useful for site security and a reliable tool for every site requirement.
Enhance your site security with this amazing Magento security scan tool and protect your site from malware attacks

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