E-Commerce Website – Seven Essentials Elements

The following points may be considered while planning the E-Commerce website:


Ensure that your homepage is not only inviting but also quite appealing to encourage visitors to easily click on the right categories of items or products as they plan their purchases. Categories and further split into sub-categories make it easy for the visitors to find their choice of products.

Moreover, as soon as the users log in their query, the search bar which should be easy to locate must quickly list all applicable items that are currently available.

Shopping Cart & Checkout Process:

Make sure the items added to the shopping cart should be simple. So simple even the color choices and style preferences should be easy to view and select by the customers. While continuing to shop, they would like to view what they have in their cart, therefore, ensure you have a perfect design and the right performing component that makes things easy.  Mind you, all are not tech savvy; so keep this basic with images and pictures. Value your customers’ time so that they feel confident shopping on your site and return next time…thanks to their shopping experience.  In short a smooth checkout.

Mobile Compatibility:

Studies have indicated that over 80% of all online adults possess Smartphone and in many instances, desktop visits have taken a back seat in comparison to mobile visits. So catch up with the trend.

Calls to Action (CTA):

“Click Here to Save 15% & more!” Ensure, such specific CTA if you plan to have a sale that leads your customers through your site, is perfectly done. Apparently, a whole lot of people are too busy to spend much time on the web. It makes a difference if you add that extra help which makes the customers sit up, show interest, and find credence in your business. It goes to show that you care about your customers and that your site does not annoy them as they navigate. Avoid being ambiguous and do not confuse your customers…you see they should not feel stupid at any stage. Besides, they are smart enough to buy products from the best companies that are easily available dime a dozen.

Descriptions, Texts, and Images Et al:

Generally, even before making their purchase decisions, prospective customers search complete details about the product. Online shopping has its shortcoming, rather the main drawback; one cannot get a clear perspective of the item the customer intends to buy. A person cannot see or touch it, which is a major deficiency.  This limitation has to be addressed very professionally. Get hi-definition with perfect resolution pictures of your products and if possible, get images of the product from different angles. Support it with the appropriate and detailed description.

Make a point to cover salient points in the descriptive texts along with color, texture, size, uses benefits and its availability et al. All in all, you want your prospects to feel confident that they know about your product to go ahead and finally purchase it here.

Customer Service & Support:

It is vital to have customer care and support, among the scope of services offered to the customer. Customer support ensures cost-effective and optimal use of a product. It is ideal to have such support in case of any problems or to answer FAQs. Different types of customer support like 800 numbers, E-mail support or even online chat help customer during their need. Look for the best option according to business type and budget. Respond to customer queries instantly and make them happy and contented.

Security and Privacy:

SSL certificate is crucial and obligatory as far as security is concerned. Check whether it is installed to encrypt data that is received and sent from your browser. It is a key requirement in today’s E-Commerce business. As far as possible have a privacy policy in place that is transparent stating how the customers’ privacy is respected by the company and your website.

In Conclusion

A stress-free shopping and a pleasant experience are waiting for your customers. With a proper system in place, you will retain your customers and take your business to the next level by developing an online store that is easy to navigate. Also, the check out can be done seamlessly on any device.

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