Configuring Payment Option in Magento 2

Magento 2 allows basic payments that do not necessitate the use of a third-party payment company. To configure any of them, go to your admin panel in your store and then to your configuration area. Every payment method’s preparation begins with selecting the store’s merchant location, to which the settings should be applied. Let’s take a look at each method separately.

Configuring Payment Option in Magento 2

Payment by Cash On Delivery
For a web store, the cash on the delivery payment method can be selected as the default payment option. This strategy can be selected for certain countries if required. First, expand sales in the setup menu then click the payment methods tab in the panel under sales. You will find a list of payment options here.

Identify the cash on delivery payment section and click on it to expand. The panel will be opened with all the needed settings. Choose yes in the enabled section to confirm the use of this payment.

Transfer of Payment Via Bank With this method, you can take payments from buyer’s bank accounts which are deposited into your website’s merchant bank account. To set up a bank transfer, go to settings, payment methods and then expand the bank transfer payment option. Select the yes option in the enabled column.

Checkout With No Subtotal Only orders created through the payments methods option in the Admin Panel can use the zero subtotal checkout method. This approach can be utilized in the following scenarios, for example. The discount purchases the entire purchasing price or a coupon that covers the entire cost of a product.

The Order for Purchase In the business-to-business sector, the purchase order method is frequently utilised. Commercial buyers can pay for permitted items by inputting the purchase order number on the payment form. This method’s configuration stages are identical to those for the Cash On Delivery payment option.

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