Adding Apple Pay to Your eCommerce Magento Store

Apple pay has become one of the most popular payment solutions among all the possibilities. Customers who use Apple Pay do not have to provide their credit card or personal information. You must consider how Apple pay can benefit your company both directly or indirectly.

As a result, users and merchants who use Apple Pay will gain several benefits
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Allow More Privacy

Apple does not keep track of its customers’ transactions. When customers use the DAN instead of a credit card, the transaction is even more private because the merchant does not receive any personal card information. When a consumer uses apple pay, just the information needed for servicing, fraud prevention and regulatory procedures is saved.

Increase your sales potential You can surely increase sales on your eCommerce store by optimizing the checkout experience.
By improving your checkout experience, you can improve your sales by 35%. One of the simplest and most effective methods to make the mobile checkout experience as seamless as it is to use Apple pay.

Improved security : Every year, we come across hundreds of incidences of eCommerce stores being hacked and thousands of customers’ credit card information being taken. Customers seek the safest option while making a purchase. However, with Magento, you won’t have to worry about your eCommerce business being hacked, and your customer’s credit card information will be entirely safe with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a service that completes, encrypts and secures your monetary operations. Each credit card is issued a device account number DNA, which is subsequently encrypted safely and kept in a secure element such as a chip in apple devices like iPhones etc. Every retailer is also validated before initiating a purchase.
Before making a transaction, when a customer clicks on the “Buy with Apple Pay” button, Apple will verify that you are a legitimate merchant.

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