5 UX improvements for Magento checkout page design

Before understanding how you can improve your Magento checkout page design, we will understand briefly what the Magento checkout page is? Magento is a website platform especially used for e-commerce sites where users get many features for customization that help them to connect with their potential customers and helps to increase their sales. Whereas, the checkout page is almost the last page of an e-commerce store website where customers/buyers complete their payments/Shipping or billings and buy something. So, we must improve the Magento checkout page which inspires customers to buy products.

Here are 5 UX customization that you can try and improve your Magento checkout page

Make it simple

Try to Make your check-out page as simple as possible. No one likes a complicated checkout process. Remove everything that can distract your customer like the navigation bar, and avoid using too many colors on your checkout page. Use Auto fills data from the browser. Remove unnecessary processes or fill-up fields. Do not use multiple pages for the check-out process. If you make the check-out process complicated, then there is a high probability that buyers will get irritated and Quit buying products. Autofill the billing address the same as a shipping address and if your customer needs to change they can change it.

Mobile friendly

Do you know that in 2020 around 70% of people have purchased products online through their smartphones? So, don’t forget your mobile users. Use mobile-friendly design and graphics.

Do not use a design or graphics that the smartphone does not support.

Multiple Payment options

Now, this point is very important for your online store checkout page, which is to Give multiple options of payment to the customers. Although it is not easy to make all the payment options available.  try to provide as many options as possible. Identify your customers and analyze which payment options customers are using mostly. So Provide your customers with multiple payment options to choose from. 

Show security concerns and trust seals

Show your customers that you have concerns about their security and will not share any personal information with anyone. Use trust seals and security and privacy-related reviews on your Check out page or also share this information on the Home page so that customers can trust you.

Highlight customer ratings 

Have you ever thought about why Amazon and Flipkart show every product’s rating and review Section? Because customers want to know about those products which they are willing to buy.

So, you should also Give the rating and review section of every product. You can remove negative Reviews later if you want.


After all, the checkout page is the most crucial page of your e-commerce store, so it is very important to have it well customized. so that your customers like to buy from your store. 

 Using these 5 tips you can improve your user experience of the Magento check-out page and increase your sales

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