Unable to choose the right B2B extension for your business? There are thousands of B2B extensions available on the internet. Don’t worry you don’t have to choose among thousands, we did the research and this article have 5 extensions for B2B Business. 1.Quote Request Lite Edition: this is the most common and useful extension used […]

Website hosting is the most critical component of the entire web experience. While picking up the best web hosting, there were a lot of service providers to compare. So, explained below is the best website hosting platforms: Blue host: This has been observed that Blue host is one of the easiest and the most secure […]

Magneto is among the best e-commerce platforms in the world. Having numerous user-friendly features, it is beneficial for small to medium businesses. With a library of over 5000 extensions, it is very powerful. An e-commerce platform is essential for online retailers. To make your business grow you must choose the best eCommerce platform, that is […]

If you want to start an online business, then Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions. It is an open-source platform for eCommerce that offers maximum customizations. The advantages of Magento eCommerce are explained below: The biggest benefit of Magento is the speed of a website. A recent study has revealed that almost […]

Magento team has a good practice to keep announcing new platform upgrades regularly. Every couple of month a minor upgrade takes place and on an average, a critical upgrade bearing the latest features and supplementary changes to the core is more or less certain every quarter. In retrospect, since the launch of Magento 2.0 in […]

Generally, E-Commerce pages are passed over, if not disregarded completely by companies that focus on higher targets on the search engine result pages.  By the way, SEO is fairly important for these pages.  A properly managed queue of optimized product pages can be beneficial and enhance your E-Commerce SEO. 1. SEO Building Blocks & Product […]

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