What Are The Interesting Facts About Magento?

Many experienced professionals in the field of eCommerce technology development will agree that Magento is the best eCommerce platform for medium to large online stores. One of the reasons to contribute is that Magento is an open source platform for creating websites. There are two editions available in Magento- Community edition and Enterprise edition.

Also, there is a vast community of smart users who continuously contribute to the development of Magento as an eCommerce platform. Among all these and additional features make Magento a popular choice for those who want to build an eCommerce website.

From all intelligent sources over the internet, we have gathered interesting facts about Magento. Here are some of them. There are roughly 7.2 billion people on this earth and among them over 540K merchants use Magento for their website.

The name “Magento” was derived from the color magenta and color was itself in the logo. Later the logo color was changed. Apart from being known as the top tourist destination in the world, Ukraine is known for Magento. Around  99.9% of Magento is developed in Ukraine.

Demographically speaking, USA contributes a number of developers following the UK and Netherlands. And most Magento visitors are from USA and India.

If you want to an extension, Magento has a huge gallery of extensions. There are around 4260 extensions at the official Magento Marketplace till date. There are 15 themes at the Magento marketplace till date. Twelve of them belong to Magento community edition and three belong to the enterprise edition.

When we compare the two version of Magento- a website built in Magento2 loads 50% faster and has 38% faster check-outs.

Summing up!

Since 2007 till date, Magento has continuously developed and has done incredibly well in a short period of time. The previous systems whether they were open source application or commercial editions, but never provided enough flexibility and the online operators have to make compromises.

With Magento, in the end, all functions and features give the new appearance of a new system in e-commerce.


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