Role of analytics in your magneto 2 store

Get to know how analytics is beneficial for your Magento 2 store!

Most of the magneto store managers are not aware of the benefits of analytics. This article will help you to know all about analytics and how it helps your Magento 2 store. Google provided a superb service called Google Analytics to track traffic, demographics, and goal-related tracking from your website.

Google Analytics provides real-time statistics and useful data about your website traffic.

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Analytics will help you in getting all the information about your potential customers like who visited your website, how many customers visit your website in one day, how much time they spent on your website, which product they are more interested in, and so on. Provides detailed reports

Google analytics provides you detailed reports like how customers landed on your website whether by social media or directly searching your website by typing on the search bar.
You can easily get details of every activity that happens on your website.
You can also track the events

In addition to all these, you can track every event of the customers they make on your website like add to cart, place an order, proceed to checkout, and many more that will boost your marketing and help you in getting more potential customers.

Great data visualization tool

Google Analytics comes with many benefits like data visualization that will attractively represent your data and helps you find which are to improve on, real-time monitoring of your website based on monthly, hourly, weekly period.
Analytics will help you reach your target audience by giving their demographic information.
Knowledge about most visited pages
With the help of analytics, you can get which pages are most frequently visited by customers who appear on your website. Google Analytics is very easy to use and with the help of all these things, you can grow your business.

Take the advantage of Google analytics to reach your potential customers!

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