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Unable to choose the right B2B extension for your business? There are thousands of B2B extensions available on the internet. Don’t worry you don’t have to choose among thousands, we did the research and this article have 5 extensions for B2B Business.

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1.Quote Request Lite Edition: this is the most common and useful extension used by every B2B business. Above all, it has a large and happy client base. With the help of this extension, a seller can Receive, Create and share quotes requests. This plug-in is extremely useful for every B2B business.

2.MerchantE Payment Acceptance: MerchantE is the best extension for the international payments and orders process. It allows payments acceptance for many currencies and from debit, credit, and others. It allows sellers to process payments during checkout and a seller can also manage refunds through MerchantE payment Acceptance.

3.Easyship: In the eCommerce business shipping is the topmost issue. Moreover, it is more challenging for B2B businesses to find the right logistic partner. But, Easyship is the solution to this problem. Easyship extension connects sellers to the marketplace by transporting through an all-in-one platform. It ensures transparency in taxes, costs, and various fees

4.TaxJar Sales Tax Automation: This extension is useful in automating the process of sales tax. Taxation is one of the most frustrating aspects of every eCommerce business. Moreover, the TaxJar extension automates the taxation according to the state-level sales tax.

5.Invoice PDF Generator: Every business requires a different invoice layout for its sector. It’s a time-consuming process to develop a different layout for each store. Therefore, this extension helps in customizing the invoice aspects such as Fonts, colors, layouts, and more.

If you are planning to start a B2B business using Magneto then these extensions will be required. We can help you in developing your B2B business through Magneto, we have highly experienced and certified developers that are committed to providing high-quality services. To know more contact our team.

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